Working of Stickiness on ELB

working of application based stickiness works for Classic Load Balancer in the following lines:

When a client sends the first request to ELB, the ELB uses least outstanding request routing algorithm for HTTP and HTTPS listeners to forward the request to a backend insatnce

b. The backend instance responds with an application cookie

c. The load balancer forwards the application and AWSELB cookie to the client

d. The client sends the application cookie and AWSELB cookie to the ELB

e. The ELB now forwards the request to the same backend instance using AWSELB cookie

f. The duration of the AWSELB cookie depends on the duration of the application cookie

Stickiness can break under the following conditions –

a. If the backend fails to send the application cookie in the first response —> backend issue

b. ELB fails to send AWSELB/Application cookie to the client —> ELB issue

c. The client does not send either the application cookie or AWSELB cookie or both —-> client issue

d. The duration of application cookie has expired

e. The application cookie depends on the domain/path and their values are changing for the subsequent requests


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