commands in terraform

Terraform cmds  which I used:


export AWS_ACCOUNT=071137033942

export AWS_PROFILE=bis-dev

export AWS_REGION=us-east-1


export ENV=[devops|dev|test|qa]

export REGION=us1



export TF_STATE_KEY=”terraform/bis/bis-$ENV-$REGION.tfstate”

export TF_LOCK_TABLE=”bis-$ENV-tf-state-lock-$REGION”


cd bis-$ENV-$REGION


terraform init \

-lock=”true” \

-backend-config=”bucket=$TF_STATE_BUCKET” \

-backend-config=”key=$TF_STATE_KEY” \

-backend-config=”dynamodb_table=$TF_LOCK_TABLE” \

-backend-config=”profile=$AWS_PROFILE” \

-backend-config=”region=$AWS_REGION” \

-backend-config=”encrypt=true” \



terraform get -update=true ..

terraform refresh ..

terraform plan ..

terraform apply ..


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